1. Priest Steven Speaks
    Priest Steven Muruga Booker

  2. Trance Pulsations

  3. Muruga & The Worms
    Muruga & The Worms

  4. Stop Chaos & Step Into Paradise
    Muruga & The Global Village Ceremonial Band

  5. Kiss of Peace
    Priest Steven Muruga Bookvich Alex & Terzian

  6. Muruga

  7. Art-Official Intelligence
    The ORIGINAL Global Village Ceremonial Band

  8. Life Celebration
    Muruga & The Global Village Ceremonial Band

  9. Deer Camp
    T (Featuring Muruga & Madcat Ruth)

  10. TEKYES by Muruga

  11. Essence
    Perry Robinson & Muruga Booker

  12. Funky Space Drum

  13. Untrapped Drums

  14. @ The Wormhole Cafe
    Wormhole Cafe (feat. P-Funk Al-Stars & more)

  15. Spirit Rock Revival
    priest muruga booker the least

  16. Synthonic Nada Boom

  17. Son is Shinin'
    Eastern Market Busk Revival

  18. Inner Galactic Flow

  19. Inner Excursion

  20. Solstice Trance Mission
    Muruga Booker & Ralph Koziarski

  21. Spirit Callers
    Peter Walker & Muruga Booker

  22. Fool's Blues
    Muruga Blues Band

  23. BIG HUGE
    James Gurley & Muruga Booker

  24. Selfadelic Funk
    Muruga Free Funk (featuring James Gurley)

  25. The Fathership - Mothership World Connection
    Muruga and the Cosmic Hoedown Band meet George Clinton and P-Funk All-Stars

  26. Living Fire
    Tony Newton & Muruga Booker

  27. Muruga Booker Compilation Collection
    Muruga Booker and Friends

  28. Harmonious World
    Muruga & The Cosmic Hoedown Band

  29. Drum Meditations
    muruga booker aka priest steven the least

  30. Pigdeeroo
    Muruga, Tom and The Foreign Twoglets

  31. Steve Booker - Live at the Chessmate 1966
    Steve Booker

  32. JAZZ CROSSROADS SERIES 2-SKINS & REEDS with BASS - Afro - Cuban Slavic Insinuations
    Muruga Booker & Mark Hershberger

  33. Mystic World
    The Muruga Band

  34. Resurrected Fish
    Cosmic Pig

  35. Rock The Planet
    Muruga U.F.M.

  36. Sangoma Drums
    Muruga Booker and Big Black (featuring Perry Robinson and Shakti Ma)

  37. Tuva Trance - Bering Straits Journey
    Muruga Booker with Big Black and Friends

  38. Hollow Fazergate
    Muruga Booker & Owen B.

  39. Michigan Mud
    The Muruga Band

  40. Jazz Crossroads - Skins and Reeds (Insinuations & Sonic Footprints)
    Muruga Booker and Mark Hershberger

  41. Joty Drums
    Pandit Samar Saha, Muruga Booker, John Churchville

  42. Changing The Sound of Your Room
    Muruga & The Cosmic Hoedown Band

  43. Deer Dreamers
    The New Newz

  44. The Hand I Was Dealt
    Booker, Dansby, Sauter & Love

  45. Hello Forever, Never Goodbye
    Muruga Booker & Benjamin Piner

  46. Spirit Fire
    Steven Muruga Booker & Steven Springer

  47. Journey of the Drums
    Prem Das, Muruga and Shakti

  48. The Spiritual Sayings and Wisdom of Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka-Iyotanka)
    Priest Steven Muruga Bookvich

  49. Live at Sage Court Studio
    Muruga-Robinson Ensemble

    Muruga Booker & Justin Wierenga

  51. ClariNadaTabla
    Muruga Booker, Perry Robinson, John Churchville

  52. Mystic Overflow
    Muruga - Robinson Dyad

  53. Funky Jacket
    Muruga and The Unified Field Marshalls

  54. Rants, Rhythms & Rhymes
    Lucky - Muruga

  55. A Great Life
    Ernie Rogers with The Riff Poets

  56. YA!
    Roger & Muruga


Muruga Booker Ann Arbor, Michigan

Featuring the many projects produced by Muruga Booker (aka Steve Booker) at Sage Court Studio for Musart Media

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